Chronic pain dismissal

Pain Dismissal in Adolescence

Chronic pain dismissal is not only a problem that adults around the country experience.  But it is also something that has an impact on children and adolescents. The American Pain Society reports that between 20 to 35% of children and adolescents around the world experience chronic pain.  In which
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23rd July 2017
Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol Abuse Among Long-Term Opioid Users with Chronic Pain

Alcohol abuse long term opioid users having chronic pain is an issue that brings many challenges.  Such as financial costs, loss of productivity held back from doing things they love and more. Also often issues added to chronic pain that helps to complicate matters even more.  Such as abusing alc
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20th July 2017
Napping beneficial

Napping to Help Keep the Pain Away

Napping beneficial to keep chronic pain takes away. For those who have taken short naps during the day, they know just how refreshing it can be. Kept to a short time, you wake up feeling good the rest of the day.  Those suffering chronic pain, have more reasons to take a nap when they're feeling ti
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17th July 2017
Behavioral Activation

Using Behavioral Activation to Help Treat Chronic Pain

Behavioral Activation used to help to treat chronic pain. When it comes to finding ways to treat chronic pain, many professionals have challenges to overcome. With chronic pain having varied roots, and no one solid way to help bring people relief.  They faced with finding a variety of tools that ca
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14th July 2017
pain medications increase pain sensitivity

Do pain medications increase pain sensitivity?

Pain medications increase pain sensitivity.  Many people experiencing chronic pain want to grab an analgesic to help find relief. After all, analgesics exist for the very reason of easing the pain.  And they often do bring some level of pain relief to those who use them. These painkillers are oft
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5th July 2017
breastfeeding reduces chronic pain

Breastfeeding After C-Section May Help Reduce Chronic Pain

Breastfeeding reduces chronic pain after C-Section.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, roughly 32% of all births in the US today are by Cesarean.   Accounting for nearly 1.3 million births per year (1). Some of those women who have a C-section find that they experience c
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2nd July 2017
Anxiety Report Chronic Pain

Half of All Adults with Anxiety Report Chronic Pain

Anxiety report chronic pain to half of all adults. Treating chronic pain effectively can be a challenge. When you add in the person also suffering from anxiety.  You have a greater challenge to provide them with an effective treatment. For many adults, this is a situation that health professionals
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29th June 2017
happy despite chronic pain

New Research on Being Happy Despite Chronic Pain

Being happy despite chronic pain has a new reseacrch.  Chronic pain is something that not only takes a toll on one’s body, but also on their mind. In fact, the American Academy of Pain Medicine reports that 77% of those with chronic pain report feeling depressed (1). Those feelings of sadness can
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26th June 2017
Sleep deficiency

Is lack of sleep leading to more chronic pain?

Sleep deficiency or lack of sleep can lead to more chronic pain. Many people around the country wake up some mornings feeling as though they didn’t get nearly enough sleep. Many of them truly haven’t. But what they may not realize is that if they are someone who suffers from chronic pain, it cou
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13th June 2017
Vegetable garden

Can vegetable gardens help reduce chronic pain?

The vegetable garden helps reduce chronic pain.  Many people have gardens, enjoying the bounty of their fresh produce. They enjoy digging their hands in the dirt and take satisfaction in what grows after working in it. What many people may not realize is that gardening can have a beneficial impact
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10th June 2017

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