Circadian Rhythms

Circadian Rhythms and Controlling Pain and Neuroinflammation

If you have ever experienced what is referred to as “jet lag,” then you are familiar with the idea of your circadian rhythms. In recent years, researchers have been increasingly learning the important role that they play in our lives, including when it comes to our health. We have also learned t
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30th November 2017
Lower back pain

Does feeling lower back pain mean it’s really there?

Lower back pain considered to be the world’s leading cause of disability, affecting some 10% of the population. Yet have you ever wondered if feeling lower back pain means that it really exists, or could it possibly be in the person’s mind? That’s exactly what researchers from the University o
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27th November 2017
Rubber hand

Can a rubber hand make the difference in what you see and feel?

Rubber hand can really make the difference in what you see and feel?  According to recent research, believed that up to 88% of those who have amputated limbs feel phantom limb pain (1). Described as a painful sensation that referred to in the amputated limb.  It’s something that researchers have
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24th November 2017
Pain Catastrophizing

The Role Genetics Plays in Pain Catastrophizing

Pain catastrophizing is what affects the pain coping behavior in individuals (1).  Truly, it characterised by feelings of helplessness and active rumination.  In addition, excessive magnification of feelings toward the painful situation. One would think that the amount of pain someone feels coinci
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21st November 2017
Virtual reality games

Can Virtual Reality Games Help with the Opioid Epidemic?

Virtual reality games may help with the opioid epidemic.  When we think about virtual reality games, most of us would make up images of people relaxing on the couch, with the hours ticking away as they play. While many people may do that for fun.  Research is pointing to the idea that particular v
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7th September 2017
Neurostimulation Device

Frequent Migraine Headaches May be Prevented with New Neurostimulation Device

Neurostimulation Device may prevent the frequent migraine headaches.  If you are someone who suffers from migraine headaches, you are not alone. In fact, the National Institutes of Health reports that around 12 percent of the U.S. population gets them (1). Migraine headaches are recurring attacks o
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3rd September 2017
Noninvasive Device

New Approved Noninvasive Device Helps Those with Intractable Pain

A Noninvasive device approved by the U.S Food and Drug Administration.  Good news for many people suffering from intractable pain.  It may help bring pain relief for them.  This is a noninvasive neuromodulation device.  Xavant Technology developed it.  And will be available for those with ch
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30th August 2017
Chronic pain dismissal

Pain Dismissal in Adolescence

Chronic pain dismissal is not only a problem that adults around the country experience.  But it is also something that has an impact on children and adolescents. The American Pain Society reports that between 20 to 35% of children and adolescents around the world experience chronic pain.  In which
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23rd July 2017
Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol Abuse Among Long-Term Opioid Users with Chronic Pain

Alcohol abuse long term opioid users having chronic pain is an issue that brings many challenges.  Such as financial costs, loss of productivity held back from doing things they love and more. Also often issues added to chronic pain that helps to complicate matters even more.  Such as abusing alc
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20th July 2017
Napping beneficial

Napping to Help Keep the Pain Away

Napping beneficial to keep chronic pain takes away. For those who have taken short naps during the day, they know just how refreshing it can be. Kept to a short time, you wake up feeling good the rest of the day.  Those suffering chronic pain, have more reasons to take a nap when they're feeling ti
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17th July 2017

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