happy despite chronic pain

New Research on Being Happy Despite Chronic Pain

Being happy despite chronic pain has a new reseacrch.  Chronic pain is something that not only takes a toll on one’s body, but also on their mind. In fact, the American Academy of Pain Medicine reports that 77% of those with chronic pain report feeling depressed (1). Those feelings of sadness can
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26th June 2017
Sleep deficiency

Is lack of sleep leading to more chronic pain?

Sleep deficiency or lack of sleep can lead to more chronic pain. Many people around the country wake up some mornings feeling as though they didn’t get nearly enough sleep. Many of them truly haven’t. But what they may not realize is that if they are someone who suffers from chronic pain, it cou
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13th June 2017
Vegetable garden

Can vegetable gardens help reduce chronic pain?

The vegetable garden helps reduce chronic pain.  Many people have gardens, enjoying the bounty of their fresh produce. They enjoy digging their hands in the dirt and take satisfaction in what grows after working in it. What many people may not realize is that gardening can have a beneficial impact
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10th June 2017
Race, ethnicity impact chronic pain

Race and ethnicity impact chronic pain and psychological distress in adults

Race, ethnicity impact chronic pain and psychological distress.  It’s estimated by the American Academy of Pain Medicine, that 100 million people suffer from chronic pain in America (1). That burden can affect everyday life. Keeping people from getting the most out of their days and not able to e
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6th June 2017
Mindfulness meditation

Mindfulness Meditation Helps Pediatric Chronic Pain

Mindfulness meditation may help in pediatric chronic pain. Parents with a child experiencing chronic pain, feel as though they are experiencing the pain. They are worrying about their child's pain, living with ongoing stress as a result. New research shows that there may be a tool that bring some r
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4th June 2017
age impact expectations chronic pain

Does age impact on expectations when it comes to chronic pain?

Age impact expectations when it comes to chronic pain. The National Institutes of Health reports that 50 percent of all older adults, those over 65, live on their own and 75-85%  live in care facilities have chronic pain (1). Defined as having pain every day for at least three months, it’s a pro
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3rd May 2017
light therapy reduces chronic pains

Can light therapy offers chronic pain relief?

Light therapy reduces chronic pains, recently shown signs of being beneficial and providing some relief. According to the National Institutes of Health, there are over 25 million adults in the country experiencing chronic pain (1). These are people who experience pain on a daily basis.  In fact, th
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30th April 2017
Group reading help chronic pain

Can group reading help with chronic pain?

When it comes to finding ways to help ease chronic pain, there are many things that people can try. Some people will find more appealing than others, depending on their preferences and interests. One treatment technique that has emerged to give hope to those with chronic pain involves reading.  A p
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27th April 2017
Taking a Dip – Aquatic Therapy Helps Chronic Pain

Taking a Dip – Aquatic Therapy Helps Chronic Pain

Swimming is a sport and activity that millions of people enjoy. Turn up the temperature in the pool so that the water becomes warmer and you have a therapeutic environment for those who have chronic pain. Aquatic therapy offers people a way to get some exercise as well as find relief from their chr
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23rd April 2017
Adolescents keep worrying experiencing chronic pain

Do adolescents with chronic pain worry more?

Adolescents keep worrying experiencing chronic pain, bring parents and school administrators wondering if they worry more than those who do not have. After all, experiencing chronic pain can create additional stress and anxiety to many.  As well as, it leads some people toward depression, disabilit
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12th March 2017