Noninvasive Device

A Noninvasive device approved by the U.S Food and Drug Administration.  Good news for many people suffering from intractable pain.  It may help bring pain relief for them.  This is a noninvasive neuromodulation device.  Xavant Technology developed it.  And will be available for those with chronic intractable pain (1).

The device called the Stimpod NMS460, a peripheral nerve stimulator.  Used for relief of chronic intractable pain by delivering pulsed radio frequency waveforms, which applied noninvasively. The device designed to provide the person with a stimulation probe.  It looks a lot like a pen.  And used to direct a current to a particular nerve or region, muscle, or joint. The probe allows the patient to identify and target an area, which increases chances of pain relief.

The probe paired with a high tech sensing interface. It has been designed to distinguish the device from the rest of the field.  And has an adjustment dial that senses where the person’s finger is so that it can guide the current strength. The device also has a timer, so the patient knows how long the current delivered.  As well as, when the treatment time is up.

The noninvasive device also has a timer, so the patient knows how long the current delivered.  As well as, when the treatment time is up.

The waveform works by delivering an electromagnetic effect. There have been studies done showing some people who used it have an instant relief from chronic intractable pain. With more than 100 million people in the country reporting that they have problems with pain.  Then, these devices could prove to be a huge benefit. The device is reportedly much more affordable than the costs of comparable treatments.

 It’s noninvasive device, thus, it addresses pain without the use of drugs.

Chronic intractable pain which is described as pain that is constant has resisted treatment and can rule nearly every conscious moment. Those with chronic intractable pain may also have difficulty eating, sleeping, have depression, and immune abnormalities. Traumatic conditions may be the underlying result of chronic intractable pain, and half of the those with it have some type of degeneration of the spine (2).

This new noninvasive device brings hope to the millions who suffer from intractable pain. In fact, this may be one more tool in the quest to find relief.



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